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I began college a year after high school in 1988 at Palo Alto Community College, then transferred to Southwest Texas University.

After three years, I withdrew due to receiving a full-time promotion at the company I was working for part-time. The responsibilities of the position left little time for school work, and as a single mother, I felt it was an opportunity I could not let go.

25-years later, I am completing my education and will graduate with a B.S. in Mass Communications Digital Media Innovation in the Fall of 2020. Graduate studies will follow to obtain a Mass Communications M.A. with a Digital Media concentration degree.


  • Apps: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Xd, Acrobat Pro, Lightroom; Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint; Apple iMovie, Figma
  • Web Content: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, WordPress, CRM, CMS
  • Excellent grammar, knowledge of A.P. Style
  • Copywriting: Web & blog content, press releases, marketing material, news stories
  • Typography & printing techniques
  • Video editing/producing
  • Social media management & analytics
  • Team builder and enthusiastic team member
  • Character traits: Motivated, resourceful, curious, good-natured, decisive, effective communicator, objective, time manager, eye for detail


  • Google Analytics for Beginners
  • Facebook Blueprint - 12 awards
  • Hootsuite: Platform & Social Marketing
  • HubSpot: Content Marketing & Social Media
  • Twitter Flight School


Course Projects

High Voltage Youth Music Program
High Voltage Youth Music Program
Bootstrap Website
Kelly Engram Landscapes
Kelly Engram Landscape Design
WordPress Website
The Beaumonts
The Beaumonts
WordPress Website
Kelly Engram
Kelly Engram Personal Website
WordPress Website
Shelter Dogs Breeds In Hays County
Shelter Dogs Breeds In Hays County
Bootstrap Website with JavaScript and Python
GivingPool App Website
GivingPool App Website
Bootstrap Website Created for an App Prototype
The Beaumonts Movie
The Beaumonts Movie
iMovie Video
Typography Assignment
Media Design
Writing Assignments
Coursework Assignments

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